Ole Platform

We can stabilize and scale-up your e-revenue channels. The Ole Platform system provides services from Know-Your-Client (KYC) through settlement by using a sophisticated Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) web-based package. This bank in a box program enables businesses to leverage powerful and stable relationships across the globe in a secure environment.


What is

Ole Platform?

What is Ole Platform?

Ole Platform Software incorporates our proprietary payment solutions, with prepaid cards including prepaid Visa, prepaid MasterCard and Loyalty Rewards systems. Our technology simplifies domestic and international payment transactions in multiple global currencies while ensuring fully compliant transactions. Our security systems include digital facial recognition software, Anti-Money Laundering (AML) data compiling software and an efficient Know-Your-Client (KYC) process that meets and exceeds the banking and government agency requirements.

With Ole Platform on your team, there are fewer barriers to market entry and fewer costs. Our streamlined solution works for virtually any business in need of payment processing, domestically (US) and internationally. As, this independent system can run your entire business via SMS. Communicate, monitor and allow transactions with every customer instantly.

EMI-License-Ready Services (UK, EUR, INT'L):

  • E-Wallet Functionalities;
  • PCI-Compliant;
  • KYC/AML-Compliant (w/ Persistent Monitoring)
  • Whitelabel Apps (Desktop HTML5 / iOS / Android)

Direct authority to deliver the seamless and stable solutions that your revenue channels require to scale-up quickly.

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What we can offer?

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Market Readiness

With Ole Platform’s suite of solutions, you can easily get started right away. Our model is simple: Load, Store and Spend. Track everything and never need to worry about disruptive long development processes. When you’re ready, we’re ready for you.

  • Freemium;
  • Get Started Quickly;
  • Pay-per-Use Business Model;
  • Add Premium Services:
    • Mobile Apps SET UP: 499 + 99 MONTHLY (USD)
    • API's SET UP: 99 + 9 MONTHLY (USD)
    • SMS Verification: 99 + 9 MONTHLY (USD)
    • Payment Channels: 99 + 9 MONTHLY (USD)
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Powerful Tools

Ole Platform brings a unique and diverse set of service tools to your business. We provide accurate records, streamlined procedures for accounting, reporting and management tools enabling an efficient process for transactions and operations. We can add payment processing solutions as you require. Multiple admin and access levels are available so you can operate and manage the system with appropriate access levels.

  • Enterprise-Level Management;
  • Enterprise-Level Record Reporting;
  • Enterprise-Level Transaction Management;
  • Enterprise-Level Profile Management;
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Growth is the goal – sustainable growth is the brass ring. With Ole Platform, we can scale as fast as you expand. When you use Ole Platform, you can be sure that you’ve chosen proven solution leaders who will maximize your flexibility in payments, tracking expenses and profits; we can handle large numbers of clients while you concentrate on growing your business.

  • 99.998 Uptime;
  • Multi-Channel CDN Support
  • Measured response time @ 0.27 Seconds

Ole Platform Services include:

Our system provides a streamlined process to operate your business. Accept payments. Make Payments. Provide Incentives. Each component of the Ole Platform platform is designed to be simple for the user and for the management. Peer-to-Peer payments worldwide in real-time with only one small component of the powerful Ole Platform software solution. Ole Platform offers a fully integrated platform at highly competitive rates, robust features and continuous system enhancements.

Ole Platform can customize its platform to meet exacting standards—we can work with your IT professionals or outsource our team for you. To find out if you are eligible to include Ole Platform in your business model, contact our US representative today.

  • Debit Card Loading;
  • Licensed, State-to-State (US) Money Transfers;
  • MC/VISA Payment Channel Management;
  • Turn-Key, Enterprise-Level "Fintech as a Platform";
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